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Everyone loves screenshots, so here are the four stages of updating a ZIP/JAR file as displayed with the standard progress dialogs:

Single Progress Dialog

  1. The server-side index file is downloaded and the contents of the client-side archive are compared against the server-side archive: Initializing
  2. Any resources that need to be added to or updated in the client-side archive are downloaded from the server: Downloading
  3. The resources that are to be kept and the new and updated ones are put into a new archive: Patching
  4. The final ZIP headers are written to the patched file and temporary files are cleaned up: Finalizing

Multi-Progress Dialog

For updating multiple archives at once, there is a special multi-progress dialog which displays an additional progress bar for the overall progress and a detail message for every archive (for example the archive's file name or an explanatory message like "Textures", "Sounds", etc.).
The lower progress bar functions exactly like the one used in the single-progress dialog.

MultiUpdate -Progress Dialog
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